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What we're about

As the creative lab inside of Infor, one of the world’s largest—and most ambitious— enterprise software companies, we are a collaborative team of designers, information architects, developers, project managers, writers, and filmmakers who are redesigning the user experience for Infor’s software products and envisioning the future of the Infor brand itself.

Our mission: change the way people work and think about work. Clunky, inflexible, and impersonal software is, by and large, still an every day reality for most people who rely on enterprise applications to do their jobs. We’re hard at work to change that by crafting a new generation of enterprise-level user experiences. It’s about making work better. Easier. More productive. That means designing software that’s enabling foremen to bring products down the line faster. Helping hoteliers to go above and beyond for their guests. Giving nurses more time with their patients. Inspiring retailers to perpetually innovate in a constantly changing market. Empowering managers to make the most informed decisions. And along the way, we find ways to surprise and delight.

  • “Our most defining trait is our ambition. We are not content with what is but are driven to constantly question and push forward to ensure that the Infor experience—its products and brand—is the absolute best it can be. But we don’t stop there, we’re never satisfied—we’re always iterating, perfecting.”

    Lindsey Drake, Director
  • “The people here are unique and unabashedly themselves. Everyone is so gung ho about being on this adventure together—to blaze the unchartered trail that is good enterprise UX.”

    Parisa Bazl, Senior Information Architect
  • “Enterprise software companies have had the luxury of building for the buyers, not the users. That’s changing now—we’re here to give a voice to the user in enterprise software, to be their advocate.”

    Joel McClure, Director, Product Experience

How we make it happen

Traditionally, enterprise applications have been driven by two forces: engineering (the functionality that’s possible to build) and sales (the requirements imposed by IT decision makers). We are taking a fundamentally different approach—designing software to meet the end user needs above all else.

To make this happen, we work with just about every team inside Infor: from strategy, development, and data science to marketing, sales, and support. We connect with as many people and perspectives as possible on our quest to infuse beauty and meaning into the way Infor products are built, marketed, and supported.

And we collaborate extensively with end users. Meaningful experiences for field service technicians, data entry personnel, and retail clerks are made possible because we watch them work and carefully document their wish lists and pain points. We learn what their days are like, the equipment they use, the environments they work in, and the challenges they face so we can understand—and better deliver—what they need.

Our work

We design beautiful—really, it’s freaking hot—enterprise software with passion and purpose.

Infor Rhythm
Infor Rhythm

An engagement platform and content management system that will empower businesses, hospitals, and governments to build, design, and customize their own beautiful websites and portals, and connect them to their back-end systems. Infor Rhythm™ will be available soon for commerce, and we’re currently developing it for public sector and retail.

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Infor Retail
Infor Retail

We’re partnering with leading retailers such as Whole Foods to build a brand-new Retail software platform from the ground up—the industry’s first since the 1990s. Infor Retail will leverage a beautiful interface that can change based on context—by user, season, location, and more.

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Infor Ming.le
Infor Ming.le

Infor’s groundbreaking social collaboration platform for business designed for desktop, mobile, and the Apple Watch. By translating social media concepts into a business environment, Infor Ming.le™ keeps users constantly informed and ready to take action.

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Infor Sales Hub
Infor Sales Hub for M3

It’s notoriously difficult to place an order in your typical ERP system. As a result, most over-the-counter software is inconvenient and difficult for new users to learn. With an elegant, intuitive design, Infor Sales Hub helps sales reps rock their jobs from day one.

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As an in-house team, our resources are limited to servicing the design, marketing and communication needs of Infor and a select roster of Infor clientele.

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