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Experience is everything

The goal is to reinvent business applications and the way people work. It’s making somebody’s day easier. Better. More fulfilling. It’s helping foremen bring products down the line faster. Giving nurses more time with their patients. Empowering managers to make the most informed decisions.

As Infor’s internal creative lab, we are crafting the next generation of business software. Streamlining processes. Making data smarter. Creating experiences people love.

You can’t solve a problem if you think you already know all the answers

Hook & Loop team members have created bestselling apps for iOS, visual effects for Hollywood films, ecommerce sites for fashion powerhouses, comic books, novels, infographics, art—but most of us had never designed or built an enterprise application before joining Hook & Loop.

In short, we’re newbies to this world and that makes us all the more curious. We’re trying things out. Constantly experimenting. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. We’re not afraid to fail. We relish the opportunity to learn from our mistakes.

  • “Sometimes you have to get things wrong to get them right. We don’t always know what we’re doing but this actually helps us see things the experts can’t. And we don’t have anything to lose by proposing ridiculous ideas.”

    Erik Hageman, Director of Creative
  • “For too long business software has been about features and functions. We want to create human experiences—to speak to people on their terms.”

    Marc Scibelli, Chief Creative Officer, Infor

People before features

Traditionally, enterprise applications were conceived in a vacuum: a product manager drafted a long list of features, and the end result was a product rich in functionality, but complicated to use. In order to create meaningful experiences, we believe that collaboration and cohesion are key.

Within Infor, we work with everyone: from strategy and development to marketing, sales, and support. As a central touch point for every team, we infuse our passion for beauty and simplicity into the way Infor products are built, marketed, and supported—and where Infor is going next.

We also collaborate extensively with our users. We are able to create meaningful experiences for field service technicians, data entry personnel, and hotel front desk clerks because we watch them work and listen to their wish lists and pain points. We learn what their days are like so we can understand—and deliver—what they need.


We were formed in 2012 with the mandate to drive Infor’s products past functionality and into more meaningful experiences. Disparate platforms, frameworks, and interaction patterns made it difficult to unify Infor’s UI/UX, but we did it in under a year. Now we’re building new apps from the ground up while we continue to imagine the future of Infor software.

Infor Rhythm™
Infor Rhythm™

From educating patients to serving citizens, selling products to delighting hotel guests, the possibilities are endless with Rhythm’s uniquely flexible back-end platform, built in-house with Node.js.

Expense App
Expense App

A simple and elegant app for business expenses that we imagined, designed, and built in just three months.

Infor Ming.le™ iOS
Infor Ming.le™ iOS

Infor’s groundbreaking social collaboration platform for business built for iOS.

Healthcare 3.0

A patient management platform that contextualizes nurse workflows and relevant patient data into a single, intuitive interface.

Product Configurator Manager

A real-time product configuration tool that empowers businesses to preview customized products in 3D and generate on-the-go pricing.

Point of Sales
Point of Sales

A POS system that brings the magic of the ecommerce experience to retail stores.

What we’re thinking and talking about

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Leadership team

As an in-house team, our resources are limited to servicing the design, marketing and communication needs of Infor and a select roster of Infor clientele.

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