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December 3, 2015 - No Comments!

If President Obama can learn an #HourOfCode, so can you


Hour of Code is a global movement that has introduced more than 100 million students to computer science. Sen. Corey Booker did it. Ashton Kutcher nailed it. Even President Obama took an hour out of his day to learn to code.

What can a novice coder make in just one hour?’s tutorials are seriously impressive—students can build animated artwork, a Flappy Bird game, and a Star Wars galaxy using basic programming techniques. The end goal is to demystify the seemingly complex world of coding and to empower students to not just consume technology, but to know they too can create it.

We’re proud to host our own Hour of Code next week for 15 young women from Girls Inc. in the Bronx. Since started running Hour of Code, more girls have tried computer science than in the last 70 years.

Inspired to host your own? Sign up here.

Not yet convinced? Watch President Obama struggle with and triumph an hour of code.