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March 15, 2016 - No Comments!

Inside the Pod: Life on the HCM General crew

As Infor’s internal creative development group, Hook & Loop collaborates across disciplines to create beautiful, delightful enterprise software experiences. Our team has the fluidity and flexibility to tackle a broad range of Infor projects using the most efficient and effective workflows possible. When it comes to creating an exceptional user experience, we’ve found that closely-knit teams are the best way to quickly facilitate efficient team synergy.

And so we created the HCM General Pod: a small but potent crew of Loopers that designs UX solutions for Infor’s HCM products. All team members in the HCM General Pod sit within just a few feet of one another so that collaboration is never more than a chair swivel away.

Recently, the Pod presented to the rest of the Hook & Loop team about their process in designing the interface for SoftClock—an employee time clocking app. The presentation—which includes puppet shows, team cameos, and all sorts of visual gags—reveals the team’s unique quirkiness, and explains why they work so well together. Check out their video presentation: