About Us

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Change is inevitable. But adaptation to it is possible.

Gone are the days that embracing change is frowned upon. With the technological advancements we are experiencing in our generation, we can only do so much to reach the finish line overtaking the changes that are happening. UX has been at the forefront of meaningful changes to happen for the success of every company.

Success-such a sweet yet elusive word that we aim to achieve. At Hook & Loop, we consider success synonymous with user satisfaction. l It can only happen when we direct our attention to the winding pathways of UX. At Hook & Loop, we position ourselves at the forefront of UX assessment, digital assessment, research, design viability, engineering feasibility, QA + user testing, and iteration.

Our diversity at Hook & Loop brings about our excellence. Since UX is a global phenomenon, we are strategically located worldwide to cater to our global clients. We have offices in Dubai, Singapore, London, Wroclaw, Manila, and New York. We believe that we are better together. And our human resources at the front line are working hand in hand to create a better enterprise starting from what we do best: bringing success in UX.