Inside the Pod: Life on the HCM General crew

As Infor’s internal creative development group, Hook & Loop collaborates across disciplines to create beautiful, delightful enterprise software experiences. Our team has the fluidity and flexibility to tackle a broad range of Infor projects using the most efficient and effective workflows possible. When it comes to creating an exceptional user experience, we’ve found that closely-knit teams are the best way to quickly facilitate efficient team synergy.

And so we created the HCM General Pod: a small but potent crew of Loopers Full Post >

If President Obama can learn an #HourOfCode, so can you


Hour of Code is a global movement that has introduced more than 100 million students to computer science. Sen. Corey Booker did it. Ashton Kutcher nailed it. Even President Obama took an hour out of his day to learn to code.

What can a novice coder make in just one hour?’s tutorials are seriously impressive—students can build animated artwork, a Flappy Bird game, and a Star Wars galaxy using basic programming techniques. The end goal is Full Post >

Woman In Tech: Emily Williams

Infor Apple Watch

Emily Williams is the senior product manager for Infor Ming.le™, a groundbreaking business collaboration platform. Over the past three years, Emily’s vision and leadership have brought Infor Ming.le to desktop, mobile, and, now, to the Apple Watch.

How would you describe your job to a stranger? My mentor, Massimo Capoccia, says that being a product manager is like being a spider in the middle of the web. You have all these different teams—engineering, design, support, sales—coming Full Post >

Creating great enterprise UX for the people, with the people

Mary UX Research

One of the major hurdles in enterprise user experience is that the people who use the software (“the users”) are usually not the ones who get to select it (“the choosers”). Users, whether they like it or not, are stuck with whatever the choosers pick. This isn’t an issue in itself—after all, just because enterprise users are a captive audience, doesn’t mean the software has to be of lower quality. The real problems surface when product teams don’t Full Post >

Marc Scibelli on internships, creative leadership, and the best advice he’s ever received

8_12_15_blog_Marc Interview_B[1]

Marc Scibelli, Chief Creative Officer of Infor, is an ambitious creative. Under his leadership, Hook & Loop is reimagining Infor’s brand identity and reinventing its products with a user experience that’s intuitive, engaging, and purposeful.

As an Infor Scholar, I was interested in learning about Marc’s own internship experience—and in interviewing the CCO, of course! Read on to find out about Marc’s career beginnings, the best advice he’s ever received, and why he thinks creatives are natural-born leaders.

In Full Post >

Meet the Infor Scholars

H&L Hero Images_1

They’re known as interns in some places, but at Infor, they’re called Scholars. Who makes up this diverse bunch of high school and college developers, designers, filmmakers, and more? I—a Scholar myself—wanted to find out.

One thing that every Scholar has in common is a sense of pride in what he or she is accomplishing at Infor. Whether they’re developing a new app, learning how to collaborate with a team, or digging deep into data analytics, everyone was Full Post >

Jamie Fallar: From intern to employee

Intern Interview_Jamie_B

Jamie Fallar, project manager for Infor Rhythm™ for Commerce, joined Hook & Loop as an intern last summer and became a full-time team member in January 2015.

What was your first week like at Infor? Being thrown into the role of project manager was daunting but awesome. From day one, Iris Wong, my mentor, gave me the opportunity to work on a lot of different projects. I clicked with the office culture very quickly, and now when I Full Post >

I design processes

Kevins_Blog_071415_MD_1 Whenever I visit my family, I dread the question: “How’s work?” Because it’s inevitably followed by: “Wait… what do you do again?”

Then we go through the usual back-and-forth: “I’m an information architect at a software company.” “So you do all that coding?” “No, it’s more like designing.” “Like Photoshop? Didn’t you go to library school?” “Well, yeah, but…” (confused silence) “I design processes.” (more confused silence) … “So, how’s New York?”

I’ve always opted for hard-to-explain jobs, but information Full Post >

Woman In Tech: Karen VanHouten

6_19_15_blog_Women in Tech_Karen

Karen VanHouten is the principal information architect and product manager for SoHo Xi, a new UX system that Hook & Loop launched yesterday to Infor’s product development teams.

Your original plan was to be an English professor. What brought you to tech? It was completely accidental. After grad school, I took a break and started writing for a tech company—first in marketing and then technical writing. My love for learning and research really pulled me down this Full Post >

The best-ever UX + Information Architecture events, programs, and influencers

Our Favorite Things_Lightbulb_Blog_Purple


The IA Summit A five-day summer camp for IAs, The IA Summit draws a brilliant (and fun!) crowd.

Midwest UX Beloved by H&L Midwest, this three-day extravaganza is all about hands-on training.

An Event Apart Designers, developers, and UXers learn the latest and greatest during these three days packed with design, code, and content.

NN/g Usability Week Because Don Norman.


Pratt Full Post >

As an in-house team, our resources are limited to servicing the design, marketing and communication needs of Infor and a select roster of Infor clientele.

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