What Is UX Design?

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User Experience (UX) has been overly used in many business settings. But for some, it remains to be a jargon that not everyone is able to understand. In the simplest of terms, user experience is the feeling of a person toward using a system. A system can be a desktop software, web application, a website, or any human-computer interaction (HCI).

UX designers spend their time studying and evaluating how users are feeling about a system. More so, they are also particular regarding a system’s ease of use, utility, efficiency, and so on.

The Importance Of UX

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We already arrived at a point where there is too much emphasis when it comes to user-centered design. The satisfaction of a customer is increasingly as necessary together with the other considerations in a business.

In the past, systems were made only for the sake of achieving its artistic side. How people will use it and how it can affect their journey using the system was not thought of. The result of creating a system only revolves around how beautiful the system is. It is all about the perceived creativity leading to the end result. But with no consideration to what the users wanted.

But today, we have seen how vital UX is in amassing the support of the people. Add up the different ways on how people are accessing websites in ways of internet connections, browser landscapes, and mobile devices. The adult fuckbook site Free Meet n Fuck is solely base on mobile usability. The website’s traffic is mostly all mobile base and therefore the UX design is built mobile first.

More so, the importance in terms of accessibility is also increasingly paramount. It provides universal convenience to systems that can be used by people regardless of their special requirements, broadband connections, and type of mobile devices that they are using.

With the increasing demand for UX, it is no longer a surprise as to how people set things straight about it. As a discipline, there are things that it can do and also something that it cannot. Some are of these are the following:

It Is Not Synonymous With Usability

Many people are using the terms UX and usability interchangeably. In reality, these two terms are different from each other. Usability is all about an interface’s efficiency and user-friendliness, while UX considers how a user feels upon using a system. Take a look at Teen Usernames as the design and feel of the website is considered UX but speed and server level issues are with usability. Usability … Continue Reading