Perpetual incremental enhancements and long term innovation

Experience-led methodology


How design makes an impact

The Hook&Loop team is a dedicated group of designers, information architects, developers, project managers, writers, filmmakers, and more, who are reimagining the user experience for Infor software and helping to create the future of the Infor brand itself by working collaboratively with stakeholders across all of Infor—such as product and dev managers, business analysts and industry experts, sales and marketing teams—and with Infor customers.


This means we research, design, test, iterate, and develop applications that enable foremen to bring products down the line faster. Help hoteliers go above and beyond for their guests. Give nurses more time with their patients. Support retailers to perpetually innovate in a constantly changing market. Empower managers to make the most informed decisions. 

And along the way, we’re also anticipating future needs and building innovation into releases along Infor product roadmaps. Sharing a vision—and the accountability—with our colleagues at Infor, we’re relentlessly focused on the experience—for today and tomorrow—and unified around driving as much success for our customers as possible. 

“Hook&Loop plays a really unique role at Infor—trying to create customized experiences and then delivering them at scale. It's a very big challenge, but it's not impossible.” 

Parisa Basl
Senior Manager, Hook&Loop

Dual-track workflow

The development track is aligned with the innovation track, which maps requirements for the future state of the product into the roadmap. These incremental enhancements help eliminate barriers, maximize resources, and enable Infor to deliver some innovation for its customers in every release.


How we make it real

Having an aspiration and vision is great. But if it’s not real, if people can't use it, or if it doesn’t add value for users and businesses, it’s worthless. To validate our approach, prototypes, and solutions, we follow a three-step process. We’re not always right, so this process lets us quickly confirm we’re headed in the right direction, or lets us fail fast so we can re-assess and move forward.

Observation and intelligence

Search the environment for conditions, behaviors, and situational contexts

Design and iterate

Identify possible courses of design—then prototype, test, and iterate

Build and innovate

Select the course of action for the near- and long-term and build them into the roadmap