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No matter what industry your business is and whatever UX-related opportunities you have, Hook & Loop will find the silver lining in it.

Hook & Loop takes pride in its self-designed and engineered software solutions: design system, product enhancements, apps, APIs, and widgets.

At the end of the day, Hook & Loop’s services eye to make UX even better and transform the productivity of a business to the next level.

What can you expect from the services exceptionally offered by Hook & Loop?

The right context for the right interaction

Get Infor Expense for faster and easier business expenses. Infor CRM provides the bridge from engaging prospects to closing deals. And Infor Ming.le extends mobility from native mobile into the desktop experience.

Enhancing the enterprise

We have an open-source Information Design System (IDS) and integrated tools such as Sketch and GitHub which promise efficient design consistency and increase the speed of impact.

Defining digital business strategy

We apply design-thinking principles to identify opportunities to optimize and transform your business.