More than just beautiful, results-oriented solutions

Adding value for our users, customers, and Infor


Innovation & Standardization. The foundation of Infor’s product experience.

SoHo Xi is the design language and front-end experience for all Infor products. It is the foundational support in Infor’s mission to create beautiful business applications, designed by industry and built for progress.


Quickly create, build and finalize sales orders.

Building an order is just like shopping online: find items and add to cart. Users can create an order and start adding items in one click. Faceted search allows them to narrow down options to find just what their customers need. A streamlined order finalization process guides users through review, shipping, and payment options.


Important insights and
information, all in one place.

As the hub of the CloudSuite experience, Ming.le homepages let users complete their work directly on the homepage, or jump directly into critical processes. Users can create custom pages with content from the widget catalog. Alerts and tasks push work to users and help them see it in context, and real-time business intelligence gives insights into performance. 


B2B commerce with B2C experiences.

Deliver exceptional user experiences that engage customers and improve conversion rates. Integrate to ERP, content management, PIM, recommendation and search engine to get up-to-the-minute insights into pricing, availability, and upsell opportunities. Precise and deep analytics about users, products, and order history can be used to enhance the structural layout of the site and the user-facing content.


Optimize retail customer engagement.

An integrated suite of tools:

  • Point-of-sale: Dashboards show important information at-a-glance
  • Inventory management: Images and maps to quickly locating and managing products on the floor 
  • Promotions: Easily managed from creation and approval to deployment and results.
  • In-store systems and user management: Designed to work as a stand-alone app or integrated into office systems